[Draft: Writer-Translators on Their Craft]

  • onDecember 22, 2020
  • Vol.50 Winter 2020
  • byBae Suah et al.

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   to write, to compose


This section features five respected writer-translators who reminisce, reflect, and ruminate on their experiences of writing and translating. Their opinions correspond, but also refract from each other to varying degrees given their unique, personal backgrounds. The section features their abridged answers.—Ed.



Draft I: Writer-Translators on Their Craft


  • [Draft I] Bae Suah

  • [Draft I] Bora Chung

  • [Draft I] Choe Yun

  • [Draft I] Park Hyunju

  • [Draft I] Lee Juhye


Draft II: What Goes Into Writing a Book vs Translating It


  • [Draft II] The Law of Deleted Lines – Pyun Hye-young

  • [Draft II] The Law of Translated Lines – Sora Kim-Russell