"Spirit Mountain" by Kim Kwang-Kyu

  • onJuly 24, 2015
  • Vol.28 Summer 2015
  • byKim Kwang-Kyu

Spirit Mountain



In my childhood village home there was a mysterious mountain. It was called Spirit

Mountain. No one had ever climbed it.


By day, Spirit Mountain could not be seen.

With thick mist shrouding its lower half and clouds that covered what rose above, we

could only guess dimly where it lay.


By night, too, Spirit Mountain could not be seen clearly.

In the moonlight and starlight of bright cloudless nights its dark form might be

glimpsed, yet it was impossible to tell its shape or its height.


One day recently, seized with a sudden longing to see Spirit Mountain—it had never

left my heart—I took an express bus back to my home village. Oddly enough, Spirit

Mountain had utterly vanished and the unfamiliar village folk I questioned swore that

there was no such mountain there.