A Trip Through the Mirror

  • onJuly 23, 2017
  • byKim Joo-Young
A Trip Through the Mirror
Tr. Jeong-il Moon

Writer: Kim Joo-young

Translator: Jeong-il Moon, Philip McElroy

Publisher: Literature Translation Institute of Korea

Published Year: 2016

Genre:Literature - Korean literature - Classics 

ISBN / ASIN: 9791187947356

The author Joo-Young Kim is well known as a novelist who writes about common people’s joys and sorrows. Graduating from the Sorabol Art College majoring in creative writing, he made his literary debut with Resting Stage, which won the New Writer’s Award from Monthly Literature. Kim is known as a writer who reproduces historical periods and who has a sharp satirical pen. He has earned a leading position in modern Korean literature and has written a number of outstanding novels and is also known as the author who takes to the road to do research for his novels and as being the best storyteller in Korea.


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