Classical Writings of Korean Women

  • onAugust 23, 2017
  • byKim Keum-Won et al.
Classical Writings of Korean Women
Tr. Kyung-Nyun Kim Richards

Writer: Kim Keum-Won

Translator: Kyung-Nyun Kim Richards, Steffen F. Richards

Publisher: Literature Translation Institute of Korea

Published Year: 2016

Genre:Literature - Korean literature - Classics 

ISBN / ASIN: 9791187947356

This work is a collection of essays travelogues written by women during the Joseon Dynasty(1392-1910). The work ranges from a eulogy for a broken needle to a travelogue describing various trips to scenic spots on the Korean peninsula, including to the Keum-Gang Mountains. Now available in English, this collection gives us a sampler of pre-modern women’s literature of Korea.


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