Chocolate Friend and Other Stories

  • onJuly 23, 2017
  • byHan Malsook
Tr. Suzanne Crowder Han

Writer: Han Malsook

Translator: Suzanne Crowder Han

Publisher: Literature Translation Institute of Korea

Published Year: 2016

Genre: Literature - Korean literature - Contemporary fiction

ISBN / ASIN: 9791187947349



With vivid imagery, inventive writing style and keen perception, Han Malsook captures the multicasted interiority of alienated human beings, in particular, the psychology of contemporary women in the postwar setting. Her major work, “A Precipice of Myth” (Sinhwaui danae, 1960) utilizes existentialist perspective to probe the damaged psychology of a woman whose denial of conventional ethics and the very idea of future allows her to lead a temporal existence defined solely by pursuit of pleasure and comfort. A story that embodies the postwar atmosphere of self-abandonment and nihilistic approach to life, it won the author instant recognition and became the main subject of existentialist discussion in the latter half of 1950’s.


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