Broken Strings

  • onNovember 3, 2016
  • byKang Kyung-ae
Broken Strings
Tr. Sora Kim-Russell



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Kang Kyung-ae was a leading writer, feminist, and labor activist during the Japanese colonial period in Korea. Kang’s first work, “Broken Strings,” reveals the concerns and inclinations that would come to characterize her writing. The main character Hyeong-cheol stands at a crossroads: take the well-trodden path down which his future is guaranteed, or stand with the masses and fight society. After agonizing over this choice, he throws everything away and leaves for Manchuria. With its cast of characters who sacrifice their youth in Gando to devote themselves to the people’s struggle, this story demonstrates Kang’s sense of duty as a writer who wanted to change the world.



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