Korean Literature Now welcomes submissions of translated Korean literature. Please consult our back issues to get an idea of our preferred style of writing and read the following guidelines closely before submitting. 


◆ Submissions are accepted year-round. We will do our best to respond within four months.

◆ Translations must not have been previously published or submitted simultaneously elsewhere. 

◆ We accept English translations of short stories, poetry, and essays. We do not accept classics, graphic novels, children’s books, plays, or research papers.

◆ Please make only one story or essay or poetry submission at a time. Multiple submissions and resubmissions will not be read. Please wait until you hear back from us before submitting new work for consideration.

◆ Please include a proof of consent from the relevant copyright holder while submitting your translation.

◆ Works that have won a grant from LTI Korea are automatically reviewed and need not be submitted separately. Works subsidized by other organizations should be submitted with the consent of the relevant organization.

◆ Submissions should be emailed to

◆ For ease of reference, your email header should say Submission_Fiction, Submission_Poetry, or Submission_Essay as relevant. Please include a translator’s bio of not more than 70 words in the body of your email.

◆ Length

  - For short stories and essays, please submit complete manuscripts. The magazine will feature an excerpt of up to 3,500 words and the entire text will be published on our website.

  - For poetry, please submit 5–10 poems by the same poet.

◆ Format

  - The manuscript should be sent as a Word file. A4 page with 12-point Times New Roman, double-spaced, flushed left, 1” margins on all sides.

  - The first page should be left blank except for the following information:

     Title of the book the text is taken from


     Publisher & year of publication

     Relevant page range

     Translator’s name

     Email & phone number

     Mailing address

  - The translator’s name should not appear anywhere except for the first page.

  - The pages should not be numbered and the headers and footers should be left completely blank.

  - Spellings of Korean terms should follow the Korean Ministry of Culture and Tourism’s official Romanization( In matters of style, follow the guidelines in the latest edition of the Chicago Manual of Style.

  - Footnotes should be avoided, unless absolutely necessary. End notes are to be avoided at all costs.

◆ We should be notified in advance if a manuscript edited and published by us is republished elsewhere in future and KLN should be acknowledged as the source.

Translators looking to apply for LTI Korea’s translation grant for a book that includes a story, poem, or essay edited and published in KLN should contact us beforehand.

◆ Submissions are accepted with the understanding that the translator will be open to revisions by our editors and, if needed, by the author.


January 3, 2018

Korean Literature Now Team