Togetherness Becomes Us: A Warm Family by Kim Huran

  • onApril 20, 2015
  • Vol.27 Spring 2015
  • byDiana Waldron
A Warm Family
Tr. Cho Young-Shil

A Warm Family is a collection of poetry that emphasizes the family as the foundation of all human interaction. Kim Huran shows the importance of family and friendship as the fundamental relationships that shape our world. Throughout this work, the poet creates images that show secluded moments of bliss with lovers—those moments when love seems to enshroud and shield us from the reality of the world. These experiences allow us to overlook the mundane and all the pain that comes from it.

Kim’s poems express the reality that we all need each other, and they show the natural urge of humans, as well as animals, to seek comfort. We take delight in knowing someone is at home waiting for us. The poet mirrors this sentiment through images in the natural world. In “Family: A Herd of Elephants,” she shows how animals intuitively understand their own interconnectedness as they wait for a young elephant seeking nourishment.

“Suddenly One Day” reveals the anguish that arises when feeling disconnected. The poet strives to tear down walls that separate us, awakening the reality of interdependence that is fundamental to our own nature, as well as reaffirms that the walls we build are constructed out of fear. In this poem, the narrator’s “insides throb with pain,” and it is this pain that is the result of constructed isolation—a false sense of separateness leading to loneliness.

Kim acknowledges that the journey of life calls for consciousness. There will always be another tomorrow waiting to fill up our time, but we have the choice to slow down and enjoy the moment. She likens the day to a ship: when night comes, the day anchors us to reality, allowing us a certain safety as we drift deeper into the night and the presence of loved ones. The family is like an anchor, allowing one to venture out into the world while knowing that at home there is a certain safety to be returned to again and again.

Kim Huran calls for a world that shouldn’t have to be imagined—a world in which people actually connect with their neighbors. Her poetry presents the idea of allowing warmth to radiate and change our lives, bringing us closer to one another. If the world she writes about is unfamiliar, it is because we are so disconnected from each other. Her poetry does not take us to faraway, enchanted realms; instead, it is focused around the hearth. The essence of Kim’s poetry is the essence of compassion, of companionship, of family, of the stars lingering as we sit and enjoy the moment with good company.

She calls for a spring awakening of the communal as a source of redemption for the isolated individual. When we spend too much time alone, we get lost in our deceptions and delusions. This collection of poetry aims to spread the lightness and warmth that radiate naturally when we are with others. 


by Diana Waldron
Editorial Assistant, Codhill Press