The Dog Doesn’t Know / The Unknowing Dog Knows

  • onDecember 1, 2019
  • Vol.46 Winter 2019
  • bySong Seungeon
Tr. Hedgie Choi


The dog doesn’t know: how to get the treat out of the toy.

But the dog knows: that he’ll be eating that treat soon.



The dog knows: that when you went out today, it wasn’t for dog-related reasons. (It knows, but still, what a fuss!)

But the dog doesn’t know: that if you don’t go out, no dog treats. 


The dog doesn’t know: that the outside is full of things the dog doesn’t know.

But the dog knows: that’s why the outside is interesting.


The dog doesn’t know: why you’re sad today.

But the dog knows: that you are sad.



The dog doesn’t know: many things that you do know.

But the dog knows: there are many things you do not know.


The dog knows: how much you love the dog.

But the dog doesn’t know: how much you loved the dog.

Translated by Hedgie Choi

Author's Profile

Song Seungeon studied creative writing at Chung-Ang University. He debuted in 2011 when Hyundae Munhak journal selected his poems for its Newcomer Recommendations. He has authored the poetry collections Iron and Oak and Love and Education. His poetry has also appeared in multi-poet anthologies such as Grateful to Have a Dog and Your Poetry, My Book. He is a member of the poetry collective Jangnan (作亂).