Evening Study Hall

  • onJuly 22, 2017
  • Vol.32 Summer 2016
  • byPark Joon
I Took Your Name as Medicine
Tr. Anton Hur


In the evening my friends changed out of their uniforms in the bathroom and worked as delivery boys around the Jugong apartment complex and the girls from Sungdong Vocational High didn’t let their hiked-up hemlines get in the way of hoisting themselves atop the back seat of a raised motorcycle saddle

Yeonhwa as she left home stole her impoverished mother’s thick hair and the lower half of her late father’s face, leaving to roam from station to station

My jaundice was an excuse to play truant for a long time and underneath my desk my pincushion heart would surely be rolling around and graduation was so far away and the words carelessly spat from my yawning craw sat in gangs in every dark alley, cackling

Author's Profile

Park Joon is a poet and editor at Changbi Publishers. His poetry collection I Took Your Name as Medicine was a bestseller, ranking ninth among bestselling poetry collections in the last five years by Interpark Books. He has received the Sin Dong-yup Prize for Literature.