Lowering of the Coffin

  • onDecember 16, 2015
  • Vol.30 Winter 2015
  • byPak Mogwol
Selected Poems of Pak Mogwol
Tr. Kim Uchang


The coffin was lowered by ropes
as if into the deep well of the heart.
Lord, receive it.
I placed a bible
towards the head side,
and bid farewell, letting the earth
held in my clothes go down.
Then, I saw him in my dream,
his long-chinned face calling, “Brother!”
To which I answered with all my being, “Yes?”
He could not have heard.
In this world my voice is heard by me alone;
This is the world where snow and rain fall.
Where have you gone?
You, with your gentle and tender eyes.
“Brother,” I hear the calling voice,
but my voice cannot reach.
This is the world where fruit falls
and its falling sound is heard with a thud.