• onDecember 16, 2015
  • Vol.30 Winter 2015
  • byPak Mogwol
The Columbia Anthology of Modern Korean Poetry
Tr. David R. McCann


A whole world
nine pairs of shoes.
No, in the hallway, no, in the garden,
no, in a certain poet’s family
when the bare bulb is lit
nine pairs of shoes, different sizes.
My shoes
are size nineteen and a half.
After walking on snow and ice
when I put them next to the others
I see the six point threes of you, my button-nose
little cutie, my sweet little one
our youngest.
Look at the
smile on my face.
This place is the whole world
where they build walls of snow and ice.
Pitiful road of life!
My shoe size is nineteen and a half.
Nine little puppies
gathered at the warm end of the room!
You’re just like puppies.
I came here by treading a way of
humiliation and hunger and cold.
Your father is here.
No, shoes size nineteen and a half have come here.
No, in this world
roughshod people
called fathers
Look at the
smile on my face.