Agnes’ Song

  • onNovember 10, 2014
  • Vol.9 Autumn 2010
  • byLee Chang-dong
Poetry (Film)

How is it over there?
How lonely is it?
Is it still glowing red at sunset?
Are the birds still singing on
The way to the forest?
Can you receive the letter
I dared not send?
Can I convey the confession
I dared not make?
Will time pass and roses fade?
Now it’s time to say goodbye
Like the wind that lingers
And then goes, just like shadows.
To promises that never came,
To the love sealed till the end,
To the grass kissing my weary ankles,
And to the tiny footsteps following me,
It’s time to say goodbye.
Now as darkness falls
Will a candle be lit again?
Here I pray nobody shall cry…
And for you to know
How deeply I loved you.

The long wait in the middle
Of a hot summer day.
An old path resembling my father’s face,
Even the lonesome wild flower
Shyly turning away.
How deeply I loved.
How my heart fluttered at
hearing your faint song.
I bless you
Before crossing the black river
With my soul’s last breath.
I am beginning to dream…
A bright sunny morning again I awake,
Blinded by the light and meet you
Standing by me.


* Director Lee Chang-dong’s ”Agnes’ Song” was originally designed for a screenplay, not as a separate poem. Director Lee expressed his concern that it might be subject to misunderstanding or distortion unless it is read in the context of the screenplay. In addition, given the plot of the film, ”Agnes’ Song” is intended to be a poem composed by an amateur poet.