• onOctober 29, 2014
  • Vol.25 Autumn 2014
  • byKo Un
First Person Sorrowful
Tr. Brother Anthony of Taize and Lee Sang-Wha


How many
a branch
a branch
there still must be
on which no bird has ever perched.
Do not say I’m lonesome, lonesome.
Where could there be
a branch
a branch
that has never been shaken by the wind?

Do not say I’m
in pain,
in pain

Author's Profile

Ko Un’s poetry collections have been translated into twenty-seven languages, east and west. English editions of his books include Ten Thousand LivesManinbo: Peace & WarFirst Person SorrowfulHimalaya Poems; and What?: 108 Zen Poems. He has received several prestigious awards, such as the Golden Wreath Award at the 53rd Struga Poetry Evenings in Macedonia, the America Award, Griffin Poetry Prize Lifetime Recognition Award, Bjørnson Order for Literature, and the Republic of Korea’s Eungwan Order of Cultural Merit. His poems have been featured in PO&SIEChicago ReviewWorld Literature TodayThe New YorkerAzalea, and Mānoa.