Deep Well, Deep Root

  • onOctober 23, 2015
  • Vol.29 Autumn 2015
  • byKo Hyeong-ryeol
A Mirror When No One Comes Looking For


Trees that reach
the deep well do not sway.
They are not blinded by resistance or justice.
They only restrain the overflowing water
and drink it exclusively; they act like a hermit on the earth
and shoot forth many leaves as a model hermit.
I dip my root into the well, little by little, like their roots
that cross over into death.
But it is they who receive autumn first every year;
their green leaves are the first to change colors and fall.
They know how to spread nothingness first and then smear it inside.
Their dark roots in the deep well grow thick and strong.
Looking up at the different skies, the roots
and the well connect in secret. Roots that experience
the taste of the deep well
never go out.
There, they keep their alliance.
They stand there and spread out a feast of words.
The trees with huge roots cross by not crossing
and do not cross by crossing.
On the windy earth unimaginable from this faraway place,
the short roots and fibrous roots that only dream
sway in the wind.


Translated by Kim Won-Chung