Blue Sky

  • onJune 1, 2015
  • Vol.26 Winter 2014
  • byKim Soo-young
The Silence of Love: Twentieth-century Korean Poetry
Tr. Peter H. Lee


Once a poet envied
The freedom of a lark,
Its rule of the blue sky.
One who has ever soared
For the sake of freedom
Why the lark sings
Why freedom reeks blood
Why a revolution is lonely
Why revolution
Has to be lonely.


Author's Profile

Kim Soo-young (1921~1968) is undisputedly one of the best poets in the history of modern Korean poetry. The Moon’s Mischief is the only collection of his poems published while he was alive. His other works posthumously published include the poetry collections The Big Root and Even If the Moon’s Path Is Trodden; the essay collections Spit, Poetry and A Portrait of the Puritan, and The Complete Works of Kim Soo-young (Poems, Vol. 1 and Essays, Vol. 2).