Love 5 (Wedding Love)

  • onJune 19, 2018
  • Vol.40 Summer 2018
  • byKim Seung-hee
Love 5 (Wedding Love)
Tr. Anton Hur


A priest waves the eucharist as he passes
Followed by a soldier wielding a sword
Imperialism begins this way, they say

A bride waves her bouquet as she passes
Followed by a groom in white gloves
Weddings end this way, they say

In every wedding there’s a white-gloved
Is there not? 


Translated by Anton Hur


I’ll Catch it This Time © Cho Jang Eun


Author's Profile

Kim Seung-Hee has authored ten volumes of poetry, including Life in the Egg (1989), How Shall I Get Out? (1991), and Hope is Lonesome (2012). Her collections in English translation include I Want to Hijack an Airplane (Homa & Sekey, 2004) and Walking on a Washing Line (EAS Cornell University, 2011). Her poems have appeared in the Guardian and World Literature Today.