• onApril 20, 2015
  • Vol.27 Spring 2015
  • byKim Nam Jo
Selected Poems of Kim Namjo
Tr. David R. McCann and Hyunjae Yee Sallee


The wind is blowing.
Where the wind blows
to the end of the world
I would follow.

you nourish
the soft-skinned fruit,
but it is the wind that whispers
round the borders of the orchard,
almost but not quite the lonely

Those without a place
to hold them in this life
may have been the winds
of a previous life.
Wearing coat and hat, the winds
may have come to visit.

Fond of the wind, I would go
as the winds go.
They go together,
and though they part,
one goes ahead and waits.
That is what I like
best in the winds.
When the wind blows
I would go with it.
Where it goes, far and far away
I would be its bride.