A Butterfly

  • onOctober 23, 2015
  • Vol.29 Autumn 2015
  • byChoi Seung-Ho
Flowers in the Toilet Bowl
Tr. Kim Won-Chung and James Han


I have never seen a butterfly bear a load on his back or haul freight with a rope as a helicopter does.
All he has is his light body, and this body is all he possesses. Nothing can ever bind him. With the
lightness of non-possession, he flies freely. Flowers are his watering holes, and leaves, his shelter
from the rain. His life amounts to a fluttering dance, and only death can stop his rhythm. In his
old age, dying away, he wants for nothing. Because he desires nothing, even when dying, he is free.

Author's Profile

Choi Seung-Ho is a poet and associate professor of creative writing at Soongsil University. He has received the Midang Literary Award, Hyundae Literary Award, and Daesan Literary Award. His poetry collection Flowers in the Toilet Bowl has been published in English, and his poems have been featured in PO&SIE. His books have been translated into Japanese, German, Spanish, and French.