Korean Literature Now Newsletter - NOVEMBER 2018

  • onNovember 28, 2018
  • byKorean Literature Now
Savor Shin Cheolgyu’s poetry for some melancholy yet sweet sensation of November. And if you’ve begun to prepare for winter and the festive season, don’t miss short stories by Seo Yoo Mi and Lee Jae Ryang: “Snowman” and “Carol”!

For poetry lovers, here’s an opportunity for you to meet the poets off the pages. Our new interview video with the five poets introduced in the Special Edition will let you get more personal with them! Also, check out our fresh audiobooks: “While They Laughed” by Yoon Sung-hee and “Raptors Upstream” by Hwang Jungeun.

Last but not least, take 2018 KLN reader survey! There are prizes for participants, so click away right now!

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Korean Literature Now Team