Korean Literature Now Newsletter - MARCH 2019

  • onMarch 29, 2019
  • byKorean Literature Now
It’s already April, which means the KLN spring issue has come out.

Check out what contemporary Korean queer literature is like. Recently, many Korean authors are talking about gender and sexual minorities in their works. Yang Kyung-eon’s critical overview on the issue is here for you.

An interview with incredibly talented novelist Park Min-gyu is also waiting for you. You will be fascinated by his words. On another webpage, he even drew a lovely drawing in his essay for KLN!

Even if you’re not a big fan of poetry, the heart-rending poems of Gepetto will touch your heart, and make you pause and think about life.

Don’t miss David McCann’s essay on Sijo,the story Armbands by Yun Heunggil, and book reviews, and much more!

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Korean Literature Now Team