Korean Literature Now Newsletter - March 2018

  • onMarch 29, 2018
  • byKorean Literature Now
History geeks of the world, the KLN Spring 2018 issue is for you! In this issue, we present to you testimonial narratives in Korean novels and poetry. Human Acts by Man Booker Prize winner Han Kang depicts individual experiences during the Gwangju Uprising. Kim Ki-taek’s poem “They Say We Should Wait” brings alive the voice of a student stuck in the sinking Sewol Ferry. Gong Ji-Young’s The Crucible uncovers sexual abuse in an orphanage for disabled children.

Yes, I know. These aren’t all pretty and happy stories, but these are important testimonies that must be heard. These are voices of those who were excluded from the mainstream history.

On a lighter note, we have also prepared some beautiful poems by Shim Bo-seon and Kim Haengsook! Read their interviews to get to know these poets better.

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Korean Literature Now Team