Korean Literature Now Newsletter - JULY 2018

  • onAugust 2, 2018
  • byKorean Literature Now
How do you pursue the truth when you write fiction? And how do you challenge the reality through writing? In our interview with Kang Young-sook, author of the novel The Writing Club, the writer explains the relationship between the truth, writing, and her. After reading the interview, you will have a different perspective on her novel (and that’s exactly why we also prepared the excerpt)!

On a similar note, the renowned critic John Freeman articulates the role of true literature in his essay. Albeit fiction, literature can convey the shared experiences of the people who have suffered tyranny. And thus literature speaks up against injustice.

But you also don’t want to miss our exclusive video of interview with the poet Lee Byungryul! Check out how he manifests his emotions in his poems, especially in his poetry collection Radiant.

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