Korean Literature Now Newsletter - JANUARY 2019

  • onJanuary 28, 2019
  • byKorean Literature Now
Chilly weather may lock many in their warm rooms, but your mind can travel across nations, languages, and timelines (with the help of KLN).

Poet Kim Sun-woo writes on the sufferings of Palestine and her hopes – what her poetry can do to the pain of others half a globe away.

Literature not only crosses national boundaries, but gender. Listen to inspiring talks on “Gender: Sight without Seeing” at the Seoul International Writers’ Festival.

This winter issue also features Kate Briggs, her thoughts on translation as description: showing, time-stamping the thing that appeared “at this time, in this light, on these terms.”

Finally, check out our website for web-exclusive content: a video featuring our interview with writer Kim Keum Hee and an audio book of Choi Eunyoung’s Shoko’s Smile.

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