Call for Applications to Overseas Translation Workshop Program for 2019

  • onDecember 14, 2018
  • byLTI Korea

LTI Korea organizes translation workshops at prestigious foreign universities with Korean literature or Korean studies programs to help foster and encourage potential translators of Korean literature. We are now accepting applications to the program for 2019.
1. Target Language: All languages

2. Number of Recipients: around 10 universities
※ The number of recipients can differ depending on circumstances.

3. Eligibility
Universities with faculties who can guide the translation of the Korean short-story or poem into the target language and at least 7 bachelor’s or master’s students with sufficient proficiency in Korean to be able to translate it.

4. Grant Details: Faculty fees, Coordinator fees, Running costs
1) Funding to organize a translation workshop in which students meet once a week for 12 weeks to translate a Korean short-story or poem.
※ Translation seminars and workshops using an intermediary language for translation are ineligible for the grant.
2) Funding to invite the author of the story/poem to participate in a 2~3 day translation session with the participants of the workshop
※ The university is responsible for planning and organizing the workshop.
※ Workshops scheduled for the first half of 2019 will be given preference.

5. Grant Amount
1) Around USD 6,000 to cover faculty and coordinator fees, and running costs. The exact amount will be decided after application review.
2) Additional subsidy for the writer’s honorarium, airfare, and hotel charges.
3) Applications can be made in the local currency.

6. Required Documents
1) An official application form, in either Korean or English, containing detailed information about the desired grant amount, the workshop’s schedule, the overseeing department, participating students, the writer, and the story to be translated.
2) Resumes and personal statements of the participating faculties ineither Korean or English(no set format)
※ The text should be by a living writer, but must not have been previously translated in the target language.
※ Submitted documents will not be returned.

7. Selection Criteria
- The applying university’s ability to organize a translation workshop for Korean literature: the faculties’ experience in translating Korean literature and the Korean language proficiency of the students
- The applying university’s interest towards Korean literature and the ability to carry out the workshop enthusiastically
※ Priority will be given to the following:
• Applications that include a plan to utilize the final translated text (publication as a book or in a journal, etc.)
• Workshops in target languages not included in the Translation Academy's curriculum. (Languages taught at the Academy include English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, and Japanese.)

8. How to Apply
Applications should be emailed to

9. Application Deadline
January 11 (Fri), 2019 (Korean standard time)

10. Notification: February 2019


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