[Web Exclusive] A Poetry Reading by Poet Jin Eun-young "Long Fingers' Poem"

  • onSeptember 2, 2019
  • byKorean Literature Now


Long Fingers’ Poem


Writing a poem

is because the work of using my fingers is more important than that of using my head. My fingers, are stretched farthest from my body, Look at the tree, Like a branch farthest from the trunk, I touch, night’s quiet breathing, sounds of flowing water, heat of other burning trees.


Everything points at other things. A thing that makes a turn and touches its own body is not a branch. The farthest branch is the most tender. It’s easily broken. The branch can’t absorb water, doesn’t bear up a tree. Raindrops start to fall. Still I write. I’m getting out of myself, farthest away. At the end of my fingers, time’s leaves come out of buds.


translated by Eun-Gwi Chung