[Dyad: The Translator–Author Dynamic]

  • onDecember 22, 2020
  • Vol.50 Winter 2020
  • byHa Seong-nan & Janet Hong

Copyright ⓒ Na Seung Jun



   a set of two elements treated as one; a pair


Writing is often said to be solitary and lonely; the same can be said of translation. The actual translator-author relationship may be fraught, challenging, distant, or even non-existent. But in this case, translator Janet Hong and writer Ha Seong-nan formed a bond that bloomed into one of friendship, one that grew in affection and closeness over the years. The following exchange reveals the precious, serendipitous experience of words not only reaching across geography and culture, but also intertwining lives together.—Ed.



  • [Dyad] The Voice in My Ear­ – Janet Hong

  • [Dyad] Line by Line, Again and Again – Ha Seong-nan

  • [Dyad] The Correspondence — Emails Exchanged by Janet Hong & Ha Seong-nan