Hitting the Target

  • onOctober 27, 2015
  • Vol.29 Autumn 2015
  • byYi Won


What is baseball? Breaking free. Focusing on that one line reaching out across the field. Finishing when you arrive. Shouts that confirm what happened. Kim Kyung-uk’s novel What Is Baseball? asks this question.


     Poetic. I have been a fan of Kim Kyung-uk’s novels for a long time. Since he has been writing for twenty-two years, I have been a fan for all those twenty-two years (and it has been seven years since we became friends). When a poet becomes a novelist’s fan, it means that their novels are highly poetic. At least that’s how it is in my case. To me, being poetic means that something hidden is there. Something that often slips. Something is there that does not finish when ended. What poetics might be found in his grandly structured novels and precise language? For a long time that elusive allure has made me seek his novels out.