"Heartache" by Kim Nam Jo
Heartache “I am sick,” my heart said, but Silence had not yet matured, so that voice was faint. Later, When my heart said, “I am sick, gravely sick.” Because silence had matured I knew what it had said. My heart said, “I have melted From the pierced pains of the arrow That each became their own scales and tones As if notes in a symphony From a melody of a solemn song But the concert is an abyss That can only be heard in silence.” My heart also said, “Longings, regrets, destitution, pain The everyday life of man These break...
"Trees and Shadows" by Kim Nam Jo
Trees and Shadows Trees and shadows. Trees look down upon shadows. Shadows look up toward trees. Even as night settles, even as rain descends shadows are there. Trees know it.