Lee Seung-U
Lee Seung-U is a writer and professor of creative writing at Chosun University. He made his literary debut in 1981 when his novella “A Portrait of Erysichton” won the Korean Literature New Writer’s Award. He is the author of several short story collections including Mysteries of the Labyrinth and The Old Diary , and novels including Two Sides of Life , The Private Lives of Plants , Wherever That May Be , Their Eyes at Midday , and Songs on Earth . He is also the recipient the Yi Sang Literary Award, Daesan Literary Award, and the Hyundae Munhak Award.
Min Jin Lee
Min Jin Lee is a novelist. Her debut novel, Free Food for Millionaires was a New York Times Editor’s Choice, a Wall Street Journal Juggle Book Club Selection, and a national bestseller. She is a Morning Forum columnist at the Chosun Ilbo . She lives in Tokyo with her husband and son where she is working on her second novel Pachinko .
Moon Chung-hee
Moon Chung-hee is a Korean poet. She debuted in Wolgan Munhak (Literature Monthly) in 1969. She is the 2010 winner of the Cikada Prize, a Swedish literary award founded for East Asian poets. Collections of her works have been translated into English ( Windflower , Woman on the Terrace ), German ( Die Mohnblume im Haar ), Spanish ( Yo soy moon ), and Albanian ( Kënga e Shigjetave , Mln Ditet e naimit ), as well as in French, Hebrew, and Japanese. She is a professor of Korean literature at Korea University.
Oh Hyun-jong
Oh Hyun-jong made (b.1973) her literary debut in 1999 when her short story “Addiction” won the New Writer’s Award after appearing in the monthly magazine Literature and Thought . Her major works include the short story collection Seiren , and the novels The Sacred Materialists and Sweet, Cold .
Oh Junghee
A House of Prose Built in a Swamp of Anxiety Reading Oh Junghee’s fiction is like seeing the colors and patterns of life and the universe engraved on a bronze mirror. For some, it has the ghastly beauty of passing through a swamp of anxiety and horror. For others, it is like looking into the existential abyss of lost souls who were born without any place to call home. The world order has become naturalized for us through routine and structure, and so we are startled by Oh’s perspicacity, breaking it apart and rendering it unfamiliar. In order to resurrect...
Paik Gahuim
Paik Gahuim (b. 1974) made his literary debut in 2001 when he won the Seoul Shinmun New Writer’s Award. He is the author of the short story collections, The Cricket Is Crying , Manager Jo’s Trunk , and The Hint is “Brother-in-law,” as well as the novel, Naphthalene .
Park Keum-san
Park Keum-san is a novelist. Park made his literary debut with “Accomplice” for the literary journal Munye Joongang in 2001. Kim’s novels include Island Table and Pretending to Exist, Not to Exist . He has also published a serialized novel Body Painting and the short story collections A Birthday Present and Did She See My Toes ?
Park Kyung-Ri
She was born in Tongyeong, Gyeongsangnam-do Province in 1926 and died in Wonju, Gangwon-do Province in 2008. Park studied at Jinju Girls’ High School and went on to teach at many different schools. She was at Yeonan Girls’ Middle School in Hwanghae-do Province when the Korean War broke out in 1950. Her husband died in the war. After the war, she devoted her life to her writing. She made her debut by publishing a short story in Hyundae Munhak at the recommendation of Kim Tong-ni, a prominent Korean writer. Park Kyung-Ri’s representative work, Land , is an in-depth portrayal of...
Park Seongwon
Park Seongwon was born in 1969 in Daegu. He debuted in 1994 with the short story "The Will" in Literature and Society . He is a professor of creative writing at Keimyung University. He is the recipient of the Today's Young Artists Award, the Hyundae Literary Award, the Hyundae Buddhist Literature Award, and the Han Moosuk Literary Award. He has published the short story collections Steal Me , We Run , What Makes a City , and One Day .