Cathy Song
Cathy Song is an Asian-American poet. She was born and raised in Hawaii and is of Korean and Chinese descent. She has long been considered as a poet who represents the passive beauty of East Asian culture and recalls tribal memory. Her first poetry collection, Picture Bride , is frequently regarded as the work of personalizing the process of female assimilation into American society.
Seo Jeong-ju
Seo Jeong-ju(1915 ~ 2000) was a Korean poet who wrote under the pen name Midang. He is widely considered as one of the best poets in twentieth-century Korean literature.
Seo Joon-hwan
Seo Joon-hwan made his literary debut in the quarterly Literature and Society in 2001 with his short story “Aquarium.” He is the author of the short story collection You Are the Memories of the Moon and the novels The Goldberg Variations and The Death of Robespierre .
Shin Kyung-sook
Shin Kyung-sook is a writer. Born in Jeongeub, North Jeolla Province in 1963. She made her literary debut in 1985 when her novella "A Winter Fable" won the Munye Joongang Literary Award for Best First Novel. She is the author of seven short story collections, including The Blind Calf , The Sound of Bells , Unknown Women , and Moonlight Tales , and seven novels, including An Isolated Room , Lee Jin , Please Look After Mom , and I'll Be Right There . She has received a number of prestigious literary awards at home and abroad, including the Yi...
Sim Yunkyung
Sim Yunkyung is a writer. She made her literary debut with her novel My Beautiful Garden that won The Hankyoreh Literary Award in 2002. Her other novels include The Altar of the Moon and Love Runs .
Song Ha-choon
Song Ha-choon is a writer. He made his literary debut with a short story that won the Chosun Ilbo New Writer’s Contest in 1972. He is the author of the short story collections The Fall That Just Passed By , The Daughters of Habaek , and The Sphinx Does Not Know Either , and the novels Against the Wind and Climbing the Pacific .
Song Sokze
Song Sokze is a novelist whose writing career took off with the publication of “A Man Wiping the Window” in Literature and Thought in 1986 and the short story “The Last 4.5 Seconds of My Life” in Munhakdongne in 1995. His published works include the short story collections The Last 4.5 Seconds of My Life , Possessed , Thus Spoke Hwang Man-geun ; and his novels are Power of Man and Commanding . He is the recipient of the Korea Times and Dongin Literary Awards.