Oh Hyun-jong
Oh Hyun-jong made (b.1973) her literary debut in 1999 when her short story “Addiction” won the New Writer’s Award after appearing in the monthly magazine Literature and Thought . Her major works include the short story collection Seiren , and the novels The Sacred Materialists and Sweet, Cold .
Oh Junghee
A House of Prose Built in a Swamp of Anxiety Reading Oh Junghee’s fiction is like seeing the colors and patterns of life and the universe engraved on a bronze mirror. For some, it has the ghastly beauty of passing through a swamp of anxiety and horror. For others, it is like looking into the existential abyss of lost souls who were born without any place to call home. The world order has become naturalized for us through routine and structure, and so we are startled by Oh’s perspicacity, breaking it apart and rendering it unfamiliar. In order to resurrect...