Anatoli Kim
Anatoli Kim is a third-generation Korean born in Russia and a Russian-language writer. His works have been translated into 30 languages. Most are dedicated to Korean-related topics.
Kang Young-sook
Kang Young-sook (b.1967) debuted in 1998 when she won the Seoul Shinmun New Writer’s Contest with the short story “Dinner in August.” Her published works include the short story collection A Night of Dumbbell Exercises ; and the novels Rina , Writing Club , and Tragicomic Miss Teletubby . She received the Hankook Ilbo Literary Award.
Kim Ae-ran
Kim Ae-ran made her literary debut with a short story that won the 1st Daesan Literary Award in 2002. She is the author of the short story collections Run, Pop, Run!, A Pool of Saliva , and Vapor Trail , and the novel The Youngest Parents with the Oldest Child . Kim has received a number of literary awards, including the Hankook Ilbo Literary Award and Today’s Young Artists Award.
Kim Chunsu
Kim Chunsu was born in 1922 in Tongyeong. He studied at the Art Department of Nihon University in Japan. He has been a professor at Masan University and Kyungpook National University. He received the Asia Freedom Literature Prize and Korea Literary Prize, among others. His poetry collections include Clouds and Roses , The Swamp , Flag , Death of a Boy in Budapest , Possessed by Dostoyevsky , and the collections of selected poems The Snow Falling on Chagall’s Village and The Selected Poems of Kim Chun-soo . His most noted works are “The Flower,” “An Introductory Poem for a Flower,” and others.
Kim Hoon
Kim Hoon was born in 1948. His extensive journalism career started in 1973 at The Hankook Ilbo and stretched through the years at The Sisa Press, The Kookmin Ilbo, and The Hankyoreh. He made his literary debut well past the age of 40, but has received numerous awards since: the Dongin Literary Award in 2001 for his novel Song of the Sword ; the Yi Sang Literary Award in 2004 for his short story “Cremation”; the Hwang Sun-won Literary Award in 2005 for his short story “My Sister’s Menopause”; and the Daesan Literary Award in 2007 for his novel Fortress on Mt. Namhan .
Kim Hyesoon
Kim Hyesoon (b. 1955) began her poetry career in 1979 with the quarterly journal Literature and Intelligence . Her poetry collections include From Another Star ; Hell Star ; My Upanishad , Seoul ; A Poor Love Machine ; To the Calendar Factory Manager ; A Glass of Red Mirror ; Your First ; and Sorrowtoothpaste Mirrorcream . She received the Kim Su-young Literary Award, the Midang Award, and the Daesan Literary Award.
Kim Jinkyung
Kim Jinkyung worked as a Korean literature teacher while he was establishing himself as a poet and a novelist. For Cat School , the very first Korean fantasy children’s book series, he was awarded the Le Prix des Incorruptibles, which is a literary award for children and juvenile literature chosen by readers in France. In addition, he is the author of poetry collections Children of Galmunri and The Magic of Sadness , the three-volume series Shadow War and The Wolf , as well as young adult fiction Our Beautiful Country and Goodbye Mr. Hapil , among others.
Kim Joo-Young
Kim Joo-young is a novelist who began his career as a writer with the publication of “A Period of Dormancy” in 1971 in the monthly Literature magazine. His published novels are Tradesman , The Sound of Thunder , A Skate Fish and Goodbye , Mother ; his short story collections are Winter Bird and In Search of a Bird . He is the recipient of the Korea Culture and Art Award and Yi Sang Literary Award as well as numerous other literary prizes. In 2007, he received the Eungwan Cultural medal.
Kim Junghyuk
Kim Junghyuk made his literary debut in 2000 when his novella “Penguin News” was published in the quarterly Literature and Society . His major works include the short story collections Penguin News (2006) and The Library of Musical Instruments (2008), and the novel Mister Monorail (2015). He has won the Kim Yujung Literary Award, Munhakdongne Young Writers’ Award Grand Prize, Today’s Young Artists Award, Lee Hyo-seok Literary Award, and the Dongin Literary Award.
Kim Ki-taek
Kim Ki-taek is a poet. Kim’s poetry collections include Fetal Sleep (1991), Storm in the Eye of a Needle (1994), Office Worke r (1999), Cow (2005), and Chewing Gum (2009). Kim won the Contemporary Literature Award and the Midang Literary Award.