Jeong Chan
Jeong Chan is a novelist. Jung debuted with the publication of a novella in the magazine World of Language , in 1983. His story collections include The River of Memory , The Road of Comfort , and Die in Venice . His novels include Evening of the World , Golden Ladder , Under the Broom Tree , Wilderness , and A Wanderer . He has won many literary awards, including the Dongin Literary Award.
Jeong Do-sang
Since 1987, Jeong Do-sang’s (b. 1960) works have relentlessly explored the organizational violence and social mechanisms that suppress free will and the conditions of life. He won the Yosan Literary Award and the Beautiful Writer Award in 2008 for his serial novel Brier Rose.
Jeong Ji A
Jeong Ji A is a writer. Born in Gurye, South Jeolla Province in 1965, she began her literary career in 1990 when she published her novel The Daughter of a North Korean Partisan (in three volumes) based on the life of her parents. Her short story “Lotus-Persimmon Tree” won the Chosun Ilbo New Writer’s Contest in 1996. She is the author of the short story collections Happiness , Spring Scenery , and Dialogue of the Forest .
Jeong Yi Hyun
Jeong Yi Hyun (b.1972) debuted in 2002 when her short story Romantic Love and Society was published by the quarterly review Literature and Society and won the New Writer’s Award. Her short story collections are Today’s Lie and Romantic Love and Society . My Sweet Seoul , What You Never Know , Goodbye , My Everything are her most well-known novels. She was a recipient of the Hyundae Literary Award.
Jo Jung-Rae
Jo Jung-Rae (b.1948) made his literary debut in 1970 with the short story “False Charge,” which appeared in the monthly magazine Hyundae Munhak . His childhood experiences of the Korean War and Yeosu-Suncheon Rebellion inspired numerous literary works like Taebaek Mountain Range (10 vols.) and Arirang (12 vols.). The Great Jungle (3 vols.) is Jo’s most recent publication. His works have been translated into English, French, German, Japanese, Chinese, and Swedish, and adapted into movies, manhwa, TV dramas, and musicals. He received the Hyundae Literary Award and Korea Literary Award .
Jo Kyung Ran
Jo Kyung Ran made her literary debut in 1996 when her short story “The French Optical” won the Dong-a Ilbo New Writer’s Contest. She is the author of the short story collections Looking for the Elephant (2002) and The Story of a Ladle (2004 ) , I Bought a Balloon (2008), Philosophy of Sunday (2013), and the novels Time for Baking Bread (2001), Tongue (2007), and Blowfish (2010). She is also the recipient of the Hyundae Munhak Award and the Dongin Prize, among others.
Jon Kyongnin
Jon Kyongnin is a writer. She made her literary debut with a short story that won the Dong-A Daily New Writer’s Contest in 1995. She is the author of the short story collections A Goatherd and Water Station , and the novels Nowhere Man and Minimal Love . She has received the Yi Sang Literary Award, and the Hyundae Munhak Award, among other prizes.
Jung Mikyung
Jung Mikyung made her literary debut in 1987 as the winner in the drama category of the JoongAng New Writer’s Award, then went on hiatus before publishing a short story in the quarterly World Literature in 2001. She is the author of the short story collections Bloodstained Lover , They Gave Me Balkan Roses , My Son’s Girlfriend , and The French Laundry ; the novels La Vie en Rose , The Strange Sorrow of Wonderland , and Stars of Africa . She is the winner of the 2006 Yi Sang Literary Award.