An Boyun
An Boyun is a writer. Born in Incheon in 1981, she began her literary career in 2005 when her novel Here Come the Crocodiles won the Munhakdongne Writer Award. Her other novels include The Doctor of Oz and Pretending Not to Know.
Anatoli Kim
Anatoli Kim is a third-generation Korean born in Russia and a Russian-language writer. His works have been translated into 30 languages. Most are dedicated to Korean-related topics.
Bae Myung-hoon
Bae Myung-hoon (b.1978) began his literary career with the Daehak Literary Award in 2004 and the Science Technology Creative Writing Award in 2005 for his short story “Smart D.” His short story collections include Tower and Hello , The Artificial Being! His novels are Define Orbit , Decoy , Sir Chancellor , and The Proposal .
Bae Suah
Bae Suah made her literary debut in 1993 in the quarterly Fiction and Philosophy with “The Dark Room of Nineteen Eighty-Eight.” She is the author of the short story collection Green Apples Along the Highway (2002), and the novella Nowhere to Be Found (1998), and the novels Sunday Sukiyaki Restaurant (2003), North Living Room (2009), and Untold Nights and a Day (2013).
Baek Min-seok
Baek Min-seok (b. 1970) made his literary debut with “Candy Whom I Loved” in the quarterly Literature and Society . He is the author of the short story anthologies: 16 , Believe It or Not , The Errand Boy of Jangwon , and the novels Hey, We’re Going On a Picnic , Candy Whom I Loved , Poor Little Kid Hans , The Grotesque Tale of the Cotton Field , and The Dead Owl Farm .
Bak Solmay
Bak Solmay made her literary debut when she won Jaeum & Moeum New Writer’s Award in 2009. She is the author of two volumes of fiction, Eul and I Would Like to Write About It All .
Bok Geo-il
The Turbulent Life of a Outsider Literary Intellectual The most thought-provoking conversation I’ve ever had with writer Bok Geo-il took place at the end of the 1990s. At the time, Korea was under IMF trusteeship, a part of history that Koreans will not soon forget. While Korea was undergoing such a devastating financial crisis, I arranged a roundtable with Bok Geo-il through Munye Joongang , the magazine I was afraid with. He was known as an economic expert and a cosmopolitan in literary circles. Another cosmopolitan writer who was visiting Korea, that is, the late translator Lee Yun-gi, was also...
Cathy Song
Cathy Song is an Asian-American poet. She was born and raised in Hawaii and is of Korean and Chinese descent. She has long been considered as a poet who represents the passive beauty of East Asian culture and recalls tribal memory. Her first poetry collection, Picture Bride , is frequently regarded as the work of personalizing the process of female assimilation into American society.
Ch'ae Man-Sik
Ch'ae Man-Sik(1902 ~ 1950) was a Korean novelist. Ch'ae Man-Sik’s literary debut came in 1924 with the publication in Joseon Literary World (Joseon mundan) of the short story “Toward the Three Paths”. His works have been translated into English, German, French, Japanese, Chinese.
Chang Kang-myoung
Chang Kang-myoung is a writer and newspaper reporter. He joined the SF Club on the PC communication portal HiTel in 1994, and founded and ran The Monthly SF Webzine . He is the author of The Bleached , the novel that won the 16th Hankyoreh Literary Award, and of Lumière People , his first short story collection.