"Song of Karma-destiny" by Seo Jeong-ju

Song of Karma-destiny



                                                                       Seo Jeong-ju


Once I bloomed as a peony flower.

Nearby, in sight of me, there lived a pretty maid.


At last, once day

my petals dropped to the ground; they lay there,

they dried; and so with time they turned to dust,

were united with the clay.

Just then, the little girl died too,

they buried her in the ground nearby.

Soon the rain came pouring down,

swept away the dust, the ashes of the peony flower;

that water poured into a flowing stream,

and the ...

Seo Jeong-ju(1915 ~ 2000) was a Korean poet who wrote under the pen name Midang. He is widely considered as one of the best poets in twentieth-century Korean literature.