Over There Across the River: The Republic of Uzupis by Haïlji

This is the tenth novel of Haïlji, a novelist who has expressed the devilish nature of man and the absurdity of the world through his unique form of narrative experimentation since coming on the literary scene in 1990 with The Road to the Race Track.


Through a tale of a man who wanders in search of an imaginary country, Haïlji deals with issues of truth and fiction, time and space, and memory in a narrative in which reality and fantasy and the past and present are mixed up.


A middle-aged Asian man named Hal is looking for Lithuania in order to go to his homeland, the Republic of Uzupis, which recently gained its independence after being occupied by a neighboring country. His purpose is to bury his father’s ashes in his hometown. However, the journey is not without obstacles. Many deny the existence of the Republic of Uzupis, and Hal often finds himself unable to communicate because few understand English. Although he finds someone who speaks the language of Uzupis, not only the proof of the r...