"Love Song for Hangyeryeong Ridge" by Moon Chung-hee

Love Song for Hangyeryeong Ridge*



Passing over the Hangyeryeong Ridge in winter

with someone unforgettable

I find myself wishing for a blizzard

though the news rushes to let us know

that prosperity is here after decades of want

cars flaunting their pride of place

I want to be stuck here in the make-believe grip of Hangyeryeong Ridge


Ah dazzling isolation

a fairyland cloaked in white

let my fate, not my feet be bound here


At last the day darkens, the richness

turns to fear, reality

starts to soak up its color

yet I wouldn’t wave my hands

even if a helicopter flew over


Even if helicopter...

Moon Chung-hee is a poet and Endowed Chair Professor at Dongguk University. She has won prestigious awards such as the Sowol Poetry Award, the Chong Chi-Yong Literature Prize, the Mogwol Literature Prize, and Sweden’s Cikada Prize. She has participated in the International Writing Program at the University of Iowa. English editions of her books include Windflower, Woman on the Terrace, and I Must Be the Wind.