"I Click Therefore I Am" by Yi Won

I Click Therefore I Am


by Yi Won



Rather than open the morning paper smelling of ink

I lightly double-click at dawn onto the odorless Internet

I click the complimentary PDF that shows me

the exact image of a printed newspaper page

The KOSDAQ has no wings now

Total short-term foreign debt of 50,000,000,000 dollars

With every click another page turns

I continuously click the world

With a click one world collapses and

another one rises

The sun floats up It’s had a chip installed too

I look at a 12-page article: “The computer receives

wireless signals from my body in which fiber optics carrying

microelectrodes have been grafted into my arms’ nerve structure.”

then click onto the website of Kevin Warwick who dreams of the first

human robot I am visitor no. 28,412

I have a gene I’d like to insert too

My right hand’s forefinger moving the mouse around

I click onto my e-mail Another message arrived last night

I click the attached file that k of Toronto sent

Red roses drip dew from their petals and

Bloom inside a white picket fence

The flowers k sent haven’t wilted

I immediately click on the dialpad of the free Internet phone

I click k’s number

I become connected across 6589 miles

Maybe I’m also a program that someone’s installed

Moving the slippery mouse around with my right hand I

Click on literature I click on periodicals

I click onto the April issue of the literary webzine Novel

The “...

Yi Won teaches creative writing and poetry at the Seoul Institute of the Arts and the Moonji Cultural Institute Saii. She has published four poetry collections and one essay collection. She has received the 2002 Poetry Award from the quarterly Contemporary Poetry, the 2005 Contemporary Poetry Prize, and the Opening the World with Poetry Award.