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Teaser: Novelist Seo Hajin
Elegant yet unassuming of style, an impartial storyteller, Seo Hajin writes about contemporary loneliness and desire and the inner lives of those coping with it. Detailed Information Date: 2017.4.7 Provider: LTI Korea Running Time: 01:31 Writer: Seo Hajin Language: English More information on Korean literature writers http://www.koreanliteraturenow.com http://library.klti.or.kr
The Children Who Can’t Say Can’t
"There isn’t a finger that doesn’t hurt when bit,” goes the Korean saying, meaning every one of your children is precious. But in my case, one finger does hurt more than the others, and that’s my first child, my son. As a boy, he was very gentle and never gave me any trouble. He’s thirty this year, but even now I sometimes open his bedroom door at night to look upon his sleeping face, simply grateful he’s still here. When a child runs away, most Korean mothers would think their child must’ve fallen in with some bad kids or was...
Salvation Through the Useless
Hae Yisoo: You were first published in 1994. When you were starting out, what did you believe literature could do for you? Seo Hajin: I was introverted and obsessive back then — to the point that I couldn’t fall asleep if my shoes weren’t neatly lined up in the foyer. But all that went away when I began to write. I did hesitate for a long time wondering whether someone like me, someone with little talent or experience, was worthy of being a writer. After hitting thirty as an avid reader, I got to thinking it was now or never...