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Teaser: Poet Shin Dalja
Reflections on long-accumulated suffering A poet who captures the will to overcome suffering Detailed Information Date: 2016.12.30 Provider: LTI Korea Running Time: 03:36 Writer: Shin Dalja Language: English More information on Korean literature writers http://www.koreanliteraturenow.com http://library.klti.or.kr
Blooming Like a Pheasant’s Eye Flower
In a recent interview with Maeil Business News Korea , the poet Shin Dalja said, “Whenever I see a pheasant’s eye flower, it reminds me of my life — unattractive and small. But people take notice of it because it blooms, surrounded by ice, earlier than any other flower in the spring. That’s all that it’s known for. Musing on its tenacity, I just can’t think other way: I myself am an unattractive and small pheasant’s eye. . .” As a matter of fact, the pheasant’s eye flower is neither showy nor glamorous. And it may indeed be unattractive in...
Poetry as the Sublimation of Suffering
Shin Dalja is known for capturing her reflections on long-accumulated suffering and the will to overcome that suffering through her poetry. Her collection Passionate Love is the result of this determination, and is a confession of honest self-reflection towards the possibilities of living anew. Shin’s poetics are therefore a journey towards love and healing, but while she creates this record of inner wounds and longing, she also pays close attention to the specific and concrete in the lives of others. Such a worldview is faithfully adhered to and expanded upon in her recent collections Paper and Flowing Flesh . We...