Book Trailer

Book Trailer: Panmunjom by Lee Ho-cheol
Older Brother turned back to Jinsu. "So what's this Panmunjom place like?" he asked quietly. The Essence of Lee Ho-Cheol's Division Literature Detailed Information Date: 2016.10.14 Provider: LTI Korea Running Time: 01:23 Writer: Lee Ho-cheol Language: English More information on Korean literature writers
Book Trailer: The Wizard Bakery by Gu Byeong-mo
A magical, irresistable tale where dangerous wishes come true The Wizard Bakery by Gu Byeong-mo Detailed Information Date: 2016.8.5 Provider: LTI Korea Running Time: 01:13 Writer: Gu Byeong-mo Language: English
Book Trailer: To Dream of a Mountain by Park Wansuh
Park Wansuh, a giant in Korea literature Her testimony of living through the atrocities of the Korean War A record of the times that turns the wounds of war into literature To Dream of a Mountain by Novelist Park Wansuh Detailed Information Date: 2016.8.5 Provider: LTI Korea Running Time: 01:56 Writer: Park Wansuh Language: English
Book Trailer: Seven Years of Darkness by Jeong You Jeong
The fruit of author Jeong You Jeong's piercing exploration of the human mind Seven Years of Darkness by Jeong You Jeong Detailed Information Date: 2016.8.5 Provider: LTI Korea Running Time: 01:39 Writer: Jeong You Jeong Language: English
Kong’s Garden by Hwang Jungeun
It was at the bookstore where I saw the girl. It was spring, a season that always seemed to drive us crazy with its beginning-of-the-semester frenzy. I was just standing around absentmindedly before the store closed and after I had sent away most of the customers who had rushed in at the same time. We sold cigarettes then. We displayed the cigarettes on locked shelves behind little glass doors by the counter. There were rules about selling cigarettes, and I always followed them. Since students frequented the bookstore, we only sold cigarettes to customers who presented their IDs, except for...
Death by Fiction by Kim Takhwan
Chapter 3 The White Tower Fellowship Learning archery and swordsmanship from Baek Dongsu, a master of equestrian combat, was the greatest boon of my life. I had once tried to call him teacher, but he had refused the honor, proposing instead to become sworn brothers. “I don’t believe in having students. That sort of nonsense is for stuffy scholars. If the difference in age is less than ten years, two people of like mind should become friends. If the difference is greater, and yet you can drink all night in each other’s company, you should declare yourselves brothers! Let’s dispense...
Nowhere to Be Found by Bae Suah
In Nowhere to Be Found, her second work translated into English following Highway with Green Apples , Bae Suah does more with character and narrative in 60 pages than most novelists accomplish in 300. With concise, evocative prose, Bae merges the mundane with the strange in a way that leaves the reader fulfilled yet bewildered, pondering how exactly the author managed to pull this all off. Plot-wise, Nowhere to Be Found is pretty straightforward. Set, for the most part, in 1988, the unnamed narrator is a young temporary worker at a university in Gyeonggi Province as a sort of administrative...